Ken Aldcroft Trio +1 From Our Time, Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star, Thursday January 1/2004.


The Toronto electric guitarist is a determined champion of new jazz, but his dense, challenging compositions, oblique inerpretations and an often mystical creative spirit never alientate or block access. Here Aldcroft is with alto saxist Evan Shaw, trumpeter Gordon Allen and drummer Joe Sorbara on nine of his originals that always suggest underground grooves. There's a heady communality of ideas arising from sneaky tunes and imaginative playing that doesn't over-indulge in rhetoric, with cuts like "Snake Hips," the shakily neurotic "Stress" and the hard-charging "South Eastern Baja" displaying plenty of deftness and verve, even humour. This is certainly one of the better entries in the busy local avant jazz field, but the liner notes don't help understanding one iota.