Randall Mcilroy, His Mistress Never Sleeps.. Coda Magazine, Nov. Dec. 2000


Vancouver guitarist Ken Aldcroft's trio trombonist (Brian Harding) and drummer (Bernie Arai) is a flexible unit with ample room to move. Boundaries aren't big with the man, in other words, and so it's not surprising that his tribute to Duke Ellington sidesteps familiar tunes and treatments. Indeed, Aldcroft makes this music his own by investigating the spaces - so much more open without a bass or piano - and letting the atmospherics assert themselves. Evening Peace opens with nearly 16 minutes of that, beginning with a circling guitar figure. Cool is the operative mode, which doesn't translate as soporific. Harding is a superb player with a sound that warms like good conversation. Guest saxophonist Graham Ord contributes with respect, and sounds especially fabulous on Sonnet fo Caeser, where his entry is bracing, and on Bluebird of Delhi, where Aldcroft channels the spirit of Monk.