Marke Andrews, Vancouver Sun, June 1999

    Using the odd format of guitar-trombone-drums, Vancouver's Ken Aldcroft Trio has a unique sound. Trombonist Brian Harding switches roles, improvising one minute, laying down the bass bottom the next Guitarist Aldcroft, who wrote or co-wrote seven of the eight tracks, has an airy quality to his playing, sounding at times like John Abercrombie. Drummer Nick Gaffaney is less timekeeper and more sound-shaper, riding lightly on snare drum and cymbals.
One of the better tracks is Folksong in Motian (an ode to drummer Paul Motian, perhaps), during which Gaffaney plays duets with Harding first, then Aldcroft, before the trio merges to repeat the theme. On Spiritual, Aldcroft plays the lower strings to create a busy bass pattern, while Gaffaney taps on his drum rims and Harding solos. Most conventional tune is, Another Night, performed as a swing tune.